Micron Crucial P5 NVMe SSD offers 3400 MB/s read speed – Micron Crucial P2 specifications

Micron Crucial P5 review

Micron USA has announced the NVMe SSD, Crucial P5 that makes use of TLC 3D NAND storage. Another affordable NVMe SSD, Crucial P2 has also been launched along with Micron Crucial P5.

The Micron Crucial P5 is a model with a maximum read speed of 3,400MB / s and a maximum write speed of 3,000MB / s (250GB model only 1,400MB / s). As mentioned earlier, the Crucial P5 makes use of TLC 3D NAND storage. It has original controller and offers full drive encryption function that keeps your data safe.

The capacity lineup of Micron Crucial P5 is 4 models of 250GB / 500GB / 1TB / 2TB, and the total write capacity is 150TBW, 300TBW, 600TBW, 1,200TBW in order. MTTF (Mean Time Between Failures) is 1.8 million hours.

Micron Crucial P2

The Micron Crucial P2 has a maximum read speed of 2,300 MB / s (250 GB model is 2,100 MB / s) and a maximum write speed of 1,150 MB / s (940 MB / s). Clearly, Micron Crucial P2 is much slower but offers more affordable performance for everyday Joe.

The Micron Crucial P2’s lineup consists of two models, 250GB and 500GB, with a total write capacity of 150TBW. The average failure interval is 1.5 million hours.