Microsoft Offering Samsung $1 Billion To Make More Windows Phone devices

Microsoft is willing to offer up to 1 billion dollars to Samsung for making more Windows Phones. This rumor comes from Eldar, who owns popular site, Here is his tweet.

Another “good” news from Microsoft – company negotiate with Samsung and offer 1 billion support if vendor will produce Windows Phone devices.

After Microsoft buys Nokia, it would want the biggest Android OEM, Samsung to put some more resources in WP ecosystem and churn out some more devices that run MS’ mobile OS.

Microsoft Offering Samsung $1 Billion To Make Windows Phone devices

While Samsung is already said to be working on a new WP phone, $1 billion could make it release a lot more devices in 2014.

Nokia now owns more than 90 percent of the WP market, and MS would definitely want more players to get serious about its fast growing OS. It would be interesting to see how MS-Sammy deal fares out.