Microsoft facebook app is coming for sure and it is working great! [windows mobile]

Looks like folks at Microsoft are working hard in filling the missing essential features of the Windows Mobile OS. People buy smartphones to stay connected with their friends easily. Many of them like to browse the social networking sites. However, most of these websites use AJAX, which does not run very well on the mobile browsers and mobile version of these websites are just do not do justice to the capabilities of Windows Mobile devices.

facebook windows mobile

Microsoft’s Facebook app lets you do all the functions that you would like to do like:

upload photos and videos (with inbuilt camera support)
see your photos
view your profile and others profile
view your wall
write on your friend’s wall
read and write messages
see the list of your friends at Facebook arranged in an alphabetic order

Download from this post (from xda-devs).

Facebook app will come pre-installed on all windows mobile devices, including Windows mobile smartphone edition devices. The smartphone edition devices do not have touchscreen and the UI looks a little different than the touchscreen optimized UI found on non-smartphone edition.