Moto E: How To Unlock Bootloader

In this tutorial we will explain how to unlock the bootloader of the Motorola Moto X Android phone

Instructions to unlock the boot loader of Moto E

First download the Android SDK from here
Then install the latest Motorola USB Drivers on your computer’s desktop. Download them from here. That is the direct link.

Put Moto X in fast boot mode.

To do this, power off the Moto X. Then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

Open Command Prompt on your computer. Then go androidsdk/platform-tools/ (Hold Shift and right click and press open command window here)

Type this in the CMD prompt window

fastboot oem get_unlock_data
You will get a return string. Copy it. For that, Right Click-Mark- Mark the text by pressing the shift key and nowpress Ctrl+C to copy.

Paste all the lines together in a notepad. Remove the empty spaces.

Now go to the Motorola Site and then paste those lines there.

Moto E How To Unlock Bootloader

Click on "Can My Device Be Unlocked". Make sure to click on “I Agree” on the bottom of the page.