Movavi Mac Cleaner review: get rid of junk from your mac

Even if you have the most powerful mac laptop out there, chances are you will find it running slow after few months of use. This is due to the loads of trash and unrequired files that are normally not visible to the typical computer user. Over the period of time, these junk and trash files accumulate and result in slower computer performance. The best and most ideal way to deal with this problem is by installing a quality cleaning application called Movavi Mac Cleaner.
Movavi Mac Cleaner review

This application is the best mac cleaner software out there packs the ability to clean the junk out of your computer and more. Finding these junk files is a very time consuming job as such files are located at myriad, difficult to reach locations on the computer but the Movavi Mac Cleaner finds each and every single file and folder containing these junk files and help you remove them with single click.

Simply download the Movavi mac cleaner from the official website and install it on your Mac by dragging the downloaded DMG file to the Application icon present on the dock. Upon startup, the program will search for the unwanted files and will show you the progress on a progress bar. You will now be shown a Start Cleaning button to commence deletion of junk files. If you are a computer naïve, it is best to use this option.

Movavi Mac Cleaner review

However if you are into computer or know a bit of computing stuff, we suggest trying out the system cleanup option that lets you get reid of all sorts of cache and log files. You will be shown on / off switches specifying all kinds of files you can erase. Another very useful utility is the Uninstaller feature that lets you completely uninstall applications and games that you are not using or are not needed anyone.

Movavi Mac Cleaner review

While one can uninstall using default Mac uninstaller tool, it does not delete data generated by the app or game leaving huge amount of data behind. Movavi Mac Cleaner will help you get rid of that leftover data freeing up gigabytes of storage which can be used for storing something useful.

Using this uninstaller tool, you can even uninstall some default built in apps which is something you cannot do with the Mac’s default uninstaller. So you can free up around 2.5 GB of storage by removing apps like Apple Safari web browser, Chess and iBooks. The tool offers plethora of other useful utilities too such as removers for unused localizations, trash bins, log and cache files.