MSI GS65 laptop makes loud noise from fans

We all know that one of the main problems of laptops, is usually cooling. Rather, the poor cooling that they are able to receive from the corresponding openings in the chassis. But what happens when one spends more than 2,300 euros on the gaming laptop MSI GS65, and soon begins to make a terrible noise? Especially when the name of that laptop bears the name “Stealth”. And if after the brand decides to ignore the problem?


We can not say that MSI is a new company in the portable gaming segment, not at all. They have been involved in this segment for many years, and their current catalog is quite extensive. Therefore, it is clear that we are not talking about a new company in the market. Which, still has a worse justification to design a product that is defective from the beginning,  because either it is a design error in how the fans are anchored to the chassis, or it is a failure in the control of quality of them. Neither of these two things speak precisely of a company that is supposed to be of the first order.

Perhaps what grinds us the most is that the MSI GS65 is not a particularly cheap laptop. Nothing of that. It is a model that can easily cost 2,300 euros or more (depending on the amount of RAM that this version has). Therefore, it is undeniable that users who have bought one of these models to be within a few days of being in their power that makes a hellish noise, as you can see in the following YouTube video, are not going to be very happy with your purchase.

This is not the only video we can find on YouTube demonstrating this problem with fans. A small search allows us to find, among many reviews, other videos with this same problem, videos uploaded between 8 and 4 months ago.

As we have already said, the supposed problem of the fans of the MSI laptop does not seem to be an isolated case, since there are several affected users who are echoing this problem in the network, although we can not say that it affects 100% of the users. portable from this manufacturer.

In the official forums of MSI  we find one of the users that could be affected by this problem with the fans. This user wrote asking for help for the sound made by the fans of his laptop, and the only response he got from the brand was that they could send him a new fan, but he would have to open the laptop to replace the defective fan. The most curious thing is that doing something like this would automatically invalidate the laptop’s warranty, although MSI has insisted several times that removing the warranty sticker on their laptops does not invalidate it.

Anyway, what other technical service has been seen to ask the users themselves to repair the laptop to the user when it is under warranty?

This is not the only user of the MSI forums themselves that has echoed this problem. Another user  talks about problems with fans that make a lot of noise. On this occasion, MSI did not even respond.

Another thread in the MSI forum of another user with problems with the fans. While this user is considering the possibility of requesting a change of laptop, even cancel the purchase, a second user with the rank of “staff” recommends opening it to see if it can be solved before taking it to the technical service.

We can also find other users allegedly affected by the same problem of these laptops. Examples can be seen in portals such as Reddit,  where more than one user claims to be affected by the problem (and others also indicate that they do not notice anything unusual) and even in the forums of LinusTechTips, where they complain that the fans of this laptop might not to be working as it should, increasing its revolutions from 0 to 1500 automatically, without making use of the PWM they should have.

There are also more threads on Reddit where they talk about it, like  GS65 CPU Fan Noise  and  GS65 fan noise – is this normal?, among others that we can find by performing a simple search on Google. In the forum of Techguy, another recognized hardware portal, we can see the same thing, another user complaining about the sound problems with the fans of this laptop.