MSI U120 Netbook unleashed and it has 3.5G or WiMAX!

The new netbook from the MSI sports a ‘new’ Intel Atom processor and a HDD upto 160GB. But that is not the most exciting thing about the MSI U120. It is the 3.5G network card that lets you use WiMax on the netbook. With WiMax, you will be able to enjoy much higher data speeds as compared to old 3G network.

Compared to it’s older brother, U100, the software also seems to be updated a little too. It now comes with Face Recognition system to provide one more level of security. It is available in 2 colors: white and black.

The inclusion of 3.5G wireless card certainly gives the MSI U120 a fine edge over it’s non-3.5G enabled competitors. Obviously, this service is useful only if your cellular provider provides WiMax or 3.5g service. Otherwise, the U120 is not much different from the rest of the netbook specifications wise.

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