MSI Wind U115 Honored Among this year's Top Ten Gadgets

At the CES 2009, we came to know about plethora of great products. Among one of them was the unveiling of the MSI Wind U115, which the first hybrid netbook. By hybrid, we mean that it has both SSD and a normal Hard Disk under it’s hood.

Last year, MSI was the dark horse of the IT industry. This year, MSI hopes to become one of the world’s top ten notebook brands through its strong product R&D and global marketing. During the CES, which took place from January 8 to 11, MSI not only continued to promote the latest Wind Netbook, entertainment series, and gaming series, but also introduced the X320 of the aesthetic X-Slim series and four new Wind NetOn All-in-one PCs.

The hybrid storage design of the Wind U115 Hybrid allows you to choose between 8GB and 16GB for the SDD, and 120GB or 160GB for the SATA HHD. The SSD operating system provides efficiency, stability, and cuts down power-up time, while the SATA HHD hard drive provides large storage space. We are pretty excited to get our hands on these hybrid devices as-soon-as they hit the market. What about you?