Multiple Windows 7 versions = Ok. But will there be a netbook version? [Netbook]

Here is a screenshot from the Windows 7 beta, build 7025. As we can see, upon it’s install, it asks user which version would he like to install. But, it makes the netbook community wonder one thing. What about the netbook version which is supposed to be lighter than the bulkier full verison of Windows 7?

People who would be using Windows 7 on their netbooks, UMPCs and MIDs generally won’t be needing all the featues that they use on their desktops and laptops. Although, there are many rumors from various sources that say that Microsoft would be making a special version for the netbooks and UMPCs, which would be lighther and cheaper. But, may be not in this version.

[pcbeta] [via engadget]