Next generation iPhone 6s to feature Apple SIM and 2 GB RAM

Apple has big plans to bump the RAM in the next-gen iPhone which is most like to be called iPhone 6S to 2 gigabytes. This would give applications and games to stay open and preserve volatile data for a longer duration. While Apple has stayed with 1GB since the launch of iPhone 5, the 6S will come with bigger RAM just like the recently released Apple iPad Air 2.

iPhone 6s apple sim 2 gb ram

This report comes from Apple Insider which adds that this will apply to both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. It further adds that Apple is considering use of Apple SIM in these new models as well which will allow users to sign up for service directly with network provider of their choice.

Last year this idea was met with massive resistance from carriers with Verizon opting out of this program entirely.