No EeePC Logo showed while booting?

So your EEE PC 1000H or 904HA does not show the EEE PC logo while booting. Well, the reason is that the boot booster has been enabled which reduces the boot time. If you want the splash screen saying EEE PC back, here is how to do it.

As-soon-as you start the device, keep pressing F2 until you enter BIOS. Then go into Boot–>Boot Booster [Disable]. That is it.

Keep in mind that it will take a while before you see your operating system booting up. This is because aforementioned steps disable quick+quite boot which makes system check every single component of 1000h.

So we do not recommend to it checked all the time. To enable Boot Booster again, go to BIOS again by pressing F2 key when your computer boots and turn boot booster on.