Opera Turbo to speed up your (mobile) web browsing [Windows Mobile]

Just when you thought browsing couldn’t get any faster, Opera unveils its latest innovation for better browsing, Opera Turbo. This all-new, turbo-charged way to surf will make its exclusive appearance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 16-19, 2009.

Currently, the mobile web browsers like Opera Mobile do all the heavy-duty jobs like downloading the webpage; optimizing the webpage and then rendering it on the device. This takes a lot of CPU power, whcih means faster battery consumption. Opera Turbo takes away the much of the load by optimizing the webpage at the Opera servers and then it send the optimized data to the device. This speeds up the operations and makes the device use suck less power. Overall, it also reduces network traffic.

Due to Opera Turbo, even the people with devices with weak hardware configurations will be able to enjoy better performance.

The Opera Turbo will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress

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