OQO Model 2+ benchmarked [UMPC]

The OQO Model 2+ was revealed at the CES 2009. The best thing about the OQO Model 2+ is the use of the fastest Atom processor so far, the Atom Z540 CPU running at 1.86GHz. OQO also beefed up the RAM to 2GB, which made everything even more smoother than before.

OQO Model 2+ benchmarked

Jenn, over midmoves have done some benchmark tests on the new OQO 2+. Here is the screenshot of Windows Experience Index. It is quite odd on the Windows Vista’s way of judging  the base score by taking into account the lowest score rather than taking the average score into consideration. Nevertheless, we can easily make out that Vista seems to be quite usable on the little machine from OQO.

Here are the scores from the CrystalMark, which are not shabby at all comparing to the other UMPCs and Netbooks in the market.

Benchmarks aside, the main aspect of the OQO Model 2+ that stops me from getting one is the low resolution WVGA display, which can natively show only 800 x 480. Folks at OQO should have put in a minimum of 1024 x 600 pixel display which is more common on the netbooks and UMPCs these days. A WVGA display can ruin the whole user experience if you are running a lot of applications concurrently or you are running a lot of tabs in firefox/IE/Chrome.