Oukitel A28 for just 9.99 dollars at gearbest

Oukitel A28 is an excellent smartwatch which you can now buy for just $9.99 from gearbest.com. To get it, you must log in on 27 august and be the first buyer when sales open at 12:00 GMT time. If you are not able to get one, the next 20 units will sell for 39.99 dollars. This flash sale will start at 12:05 GMT. After that the price will get back to $56.99.

Oukitel A28

Same sale on gearbest.com will repeat on 29 august, 31 august and 2 September. After that, the sale price will be back to 56.99 dollars. The Oukitel A28 is powered by MTK2502 processor which is very powerful and is capable of handling every task you throw at it like a champ.

Oukitel A28 review

Another great thing about the Oukitel A28 is that it has same heart rate sensor as the Apple Watch. This helps you to monitor heart rate anytime, allowing you to keep your health in top notch condition. It is a great companion with your phone and syncs your phone’s phone book, call log, messages and emails so that you do not have to take your phone out of the pocket for such things. Your notifications are also synced as you are notified about new emails, messages and calendar notifications.


Oukitel A28 also acts as pedometer, sleep monitoring and sedentary reminder, allowing you to monitor your sleep properly. It also lets you control phone’s camera from a distance.

It is compatible with iPhone and android devices. The iPhone users should download the Mediatek SmartDevice app from Apple App Store to make the most of this watch. The screen of Oukitel A28 measures 1.54 inches and packs 240 x 240 pixel resolution which along with IPS display means you get excellent display quality. Battery life about 100 hours which is more than any budget smartphone watch out there.