Binance did insider trading of FXS and other tokens

binance insider trading

It appears that Binance had been doing insider trading of many tokens such as buying them a week or two before official listing. One such example can be seen in case of FXS token where Binance wallet, funded with $53,000 from Binance did only thing – buy FXS token on Uniswap and it continued to do so in small quantities for 6-days straight. 

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Windows 12 will be all about artificial intelligence

windows 11 chatgpt

After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft established a three-year replacement schedule, that is, Windows 12 is expected to be officially unveiled in 2024, or at least will go into beta around that time. Whether Windows 12 will look different than the Windows 11 is yet to be seen but it will surely be more intelligent as more and more use of artificial general intelligence is baked into brains of operating systems. 

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