Philips 276E6ADS 27-inch full HD monitor is first quantum dot monitor

The first quantum dot monitor was released yesterday in China through collaboration between Philips and QD Vision. Called the Philips 276E6ADS, it packs 27 inch display with full HD resolution that is capable of displaying 99% of the Adobe RGB color spectrum and according to the manufacturer, it is ideal for gamers and professionals of the video and photo editing.

Philips 276E6ADS review

Quantum dot technology (quantum dot) is a semiconductor nanostructure that forces the electrons to move only in the three spatial directions (x, y, z), so that the image is completely stable and uniform.

Philips 276E6ADS 27-inch full HD monitor provides superior picture quality at a very competitive price. It makes use of Philips Color QS Vision IQ that provides provides more vivid colors and more realistic images. According to the statement by Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO of Touch Display Research Inc., 51% of the monitors will quantum dot technology by 2025. At the moment the only monitor to use this technology is manufactured by Philips and is on sale only in China.

It will come to Korea, Europe and USA in a few months, although nothing is yet know about its price tag.