Pink Eee PC S101 – Perfect shades of Pink [EEE PC]

The first question that comes to girl’s mind when we see a gadget is, “Will it come in pink? ” The answer is, “Yes, the S101 is actually now available in pink”. It seems to be making great impressions with another pink-lover. According to pixiestash, the unit oozes high quality and it makes the EEE 701 look like a mere toy. They further extend the comparison by saying that:

The metal parts are not chrome but understated gunmetal, and the crystals embedded in either end of the hinge are subtly sparkly. The keyboard is unfortunately not pink, but the palm rest and multitouch trackpad are brushed metal and color-matched to the pink cover. Even the case is classier than the 701’s, in brown, padded ultrasuede with matching drawstring bag for the cable and power brick.

Japan already got the hot pink version of S101in December 2008.