PocketBook Ultra eReader with Carta eE Ink Display

Pocketbook has launched its latest eReader called Ultra with 6 inch Carta eE Ink display. It also comes with an unusual feature that you normally do not find in an eReader – a camera. Yes the Pocketbook Ultra is equipped with a camera on the back that lets you take pictures of documents and convert them into text files.

After that you can read them on the Ultra’s high contrast epaper display. So it is not only a camera for taking selfies and casual photos but it also acts as OCR that stands for optical character recognition.

PocketBook Ultra eReader

Other specifications are not available yet but we have been told that it does come with touchscreen display and WiFi. Expected price is EUR 199.

It would not be making its way to United States as Pocketbook has never sold a thing here. Concrete release date is not specified but one German listing says it will start shipping by end of May.