Managing and interacting with the files have always been a difficult task on a mobile device. Microsoft does include a file manager with each windows mobile device, then, why do we need another file manager? Well, the answer is simple, the default file manager is slow; lacks a lot of features when comepared to its desktop brother. That is why, many software houses have come up with thier own file manager
to fill the weakness.

Lets take a look at Rinfix Pocket File Manager.

The Pocket File Manager incoporates dual panel layout.

You can switch between the 4panel and 2panel layout by toggleing this..

As you can see, this functionality lets you manage the files just like desktop’s file manager. You can perform various file operations on the files(see the below given screenshot)

On tapping-n-holding on a particular file/folder, you get these options(phew! pretty big list)

It supports ‘open with’ option too. Pretty nice when you yourself want to be person who takes control over the application which will open the file

You can also encrypt the files using plethora of algorithms provided. This is the first time, I’ve ever seen so many encryptions algorithms supported in any file explorer. You also have the choice to delete the
files after encryption.

Honestly speaking, it seems that Pocket File Manager is build with one motive, speed! This is simply the FASTEST file manager I’ve ever used on a windows mobile device. I don’t want to bring the statistics in, but,
it feels around 40-50% faster than very popular Resco File explorer and ~200% faster than the built in file explorer. It took it ~2-4seconds to list every single file of the windows directory(including the hidden files;
ROM files; system files and other files).

Pocket File Manager is a very customisable application. Let us see the customisations(menu>options) it offers to its user

From here(below_left), you choose the font, color scheme, you want to use. By default, it comes with the following color scheme. I, however, quickly changed it to the white.
If you select ‘show cursor as bar’, you’ll see the selections in the ‘dotted’ way

In the second and third tabs, you select the layout of the panels

If you select four-coloumn, it is displayed this way..

In the ‘view’ tab, you can select whether you want the icons to be displayed or not. Also, you can choose if you want to display the extentions in a particular column.

You can tell Pocket File Manager, if you want the ‘system’, ‘hidden’ and ‘rom’ files to be enlisted or not.

You can also perform most of the actions by using the buttons. For example, to execute a file, you’ve to press the D-pad twice quickly. So, if Mr X does not like to execute the file by ‘double’ clicking the Dpad twice, he can easily change it to his choice here. The programmable list is huge!
I’d to take 3 screenshots to enlist them all.

In the ‘refresh’ tab, you can specify after how much time you want the folder to refresh itself. Also, number of files to be shown can be set too from here

It is fully landscape compatiable too

What I did not like

There is no support of zip and rar archives. I know, this ‘flaw’ can easily be done-away with installing Pocket RAR, but, built-in support would have been nice. Also, while the interface is great for a power user like me, but, the developer needs to make the whole application experience a little simpler.


*very fast
*small application size
*highly customisable
*myraid of encrytion algorithms


*lack of support for zip/rar archives

Product Category: Utility
Manufacturer: RinFix
Link: http://www.pocketfilemanager.com
Price: $19.95 USD
System Requirements: WM2003/SE, WM5, WM6