Price of 8.9-inch and 7-inch SSD models going to drop – Sadly, not for a good reason

Various netbook vendors including the two netbook giants, Asus and Acer are dropping the prices of their SSD-equipped netbooks. Hold your horses though as the reason behind the price is not good. They are reducing the price in order to clear the inventory.

Remember that it is not even two years when the first netbook was launched. The original concept of the netbook was to be a cheap, rugged and easy-to-carry around device. Unfortunately, to keep the prices down, the netbook vendors used the SSDs with low storage space. This turned a lot of people off. The future of netbooks clearly showed HDD-equipped netbooks which would allow the users to cram a lot of data. This marked the downfall of SSD netbooks.

True, there are a lot of people around who would prefer SSD-equipped netbook instead of HDD-eqipped netbook, but until and unless, the SSD manufactures are able to get the prices of bigger SSDs down, people are always going to get inclined to the ones with HDD as that will provide them bigger storage space.

[via digitimes]

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