Radical Comic Designer Mobile released for Windows Mobile (and reviewed!)

Radical Comic Designer allows to quickly add comic captions and speech bubbles to your images (including the ones that you have taken with your digital camera).

The application installer comes in the form of CAB which is meant to be executed directly on the phone itself. So, copy the CAB file via your PC’s activesync and execute the file on your device itself.

You can open any JPG file located in your device. Unfortunately, no other image formats are supported (at the time of the review atleast). You can also directly take a picture from the camera and work upon that image.

However, the only grip is that there is no way to save your raw work. The file can be exported in only JPG format. A lossless image format like PNG/BMP would have been much better.

To resize the bubble or the caption, use the stylus and start dragging it from the extreme bottom-right of the bubble/caption.

The Radical Comic Designer Mobile is available for $9.95 from the following link: (also its official webpage)