Reinstall Windows on Acer W3 810 easily within 30 minutes

Reinstalling windows 8.1 on the Acer Iconia W3 810 tablet is easy if you have the recovery DVD but for those who want to do clean install of windows on Acer W3 or simply did not get a recovery DVD, you will have to follow these steps.

Re install Windows on Acer W3 810

Before we start installing Windows on Acer W3 810, make sure you have the following:

A. The tablet itself
B. Drivers. You can download Acer W3 drivers from here.
C. Micro USB OTG cable
D. USB Hub with external power source

Enter BIOS

1. First create a bootable USB drive that is compatible with the UEFI GPT partition table. Or you can use a bootable DVD.
2. Turn on the Acer Iconia W3 tablet and press F2 key when the Acer logo appears. Alternatively you can press power button and volume up button

acer w3 enter bios
3. Use the mouse to navigate to the boot menu tab and adjust the boot sequence by moving the USB disk to the first entry. Also set Secure Boot’s value to Disabled. For that, you’ll need to set Superviser Password.
4. Save the changes and the tablet will boot from the USB stick.
5. Wait a few minutes to complete the USB boot.

Windows Installation

6. Install Windows just like you do on a regular pc. Just make sure not to delete any partitions on the SSD. You should only format the Windows partition and select that partition to install Windows. Do not modify or delete other partitions. They are necessary for the recovery media and the UEFI.
7. Activate Windows with your license.
8. Install the Acer W3 windows drivers by downloading them from here or from the support site. You can also get them from here. Install the drivers at the same time – do not restart. Restart the tablet to make the changes take effect. Give the tablet some minutes to restart.

clean install windows acer w3 810
9. Install the updates that Windows Update offers. I personally do not install them as they add nothing new and gobble up precious space.