Resco Keyboard updated [Windows Mobile]

Resco has updated their software, Resco Keyboard to version 5.20. Here are the list of features that are new in this release:

  • Widescreen support (Support for widescreen devices)
  • Keyboard tactile feedback for supported devices
  • More language layouts added

Resco Keyboard Pro 7-days trial can be found here

Here is the actual press release:

Resco, a supplier of Windows phone applications, releases a new version of Resco Keyboard Pro, a highly popular application removing all the limits of standard built-in keyboard.

Since version 5.0, Resco Keyboard Pro is literally a handy multi-skin and according to statistics the most popular keyboard application for Windows Mobile devices. It supports more than 20 language layouts with option to use 2 languages simultaneously.

The Touch technology made enormous break-through into mobility. The touch supported mobile device control is natural, comfortable, and trendy. Besides, it makes the overall device control much easier. Resco Keyboard Pro design was based on these facts. Therefore, Resco tends to utilize the strengths of touch technology as much as possible and this software is no exception.