Resco releases Explorer 2009 for Palm OS

Who says no body cares about Palm OS? Folks at Resco have released updated version of Resco Explorer 2009, which comes with myriad of enhancements:

  • ‘Folder Sync’ — a technology allowing you to keep files synchronized between two folders. The synchronization works on any mounted drive, being it a card or a network drive. Explorer can use a number of technologies to ‘mount’ new drives — LAN (SMB shares), Bluetooth or FTP.
  • Improved network support. The changes concern SLL and preservation of the file attributes, for example.
  • Card check — Resco Explorer contains a card scanner, allowing you to detect damaged file systems on the go.
  • Tar/bzip2 support and zip integrity checks.
  • All those who need to work with txt files will welcome the support of large files crossing traditional Palm barrier 64K and other text editor improvements.

Tar/bzip2 support? This feature is not there even in the Windows Mobile version. The windows mobile version supports rar and zip compression formats. I hope to see the tar and bzip2 support for the Windows Mobile verison too.

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