Review: Egress – the best way to read news on your mobile device!

Are you really serious about reading news and RSS feeds on your Windows Mobile device? If yes, the Egress is the application you have been waiting for. It lets you read your favorite news and RSS feeds in a simple, yet elegant interface.


The installation of the Egress was pretty much straight forward and user friendly. Upon installation, you are asked if you would like to switch the today plugin on.

Let’s start the application!

The first time, you would start Egress, it would ask you if you like to tell it the place where you want to store the data. It would be followed by asking her, if he would like to use the default subscription list. I recommend everyone to use the default settings in both case: yes in both

The main part

The application is very elegant looking and  functional. You can organize your RSS feeds into categories, which is a neat function. Also,  it support the touch function started by the very popular HTC Touch. This means that to scroll down, you just need to drag the window upwards.

You can double tap on a particular RSS feed to open it. Clicking on a particular news item expands it. If it contains any images, they are also shown. IE mobile’s browser engine is used to render the content.

How to add a new RSS feed to Egress?

The obvious reason you would be buying Egress would be to read your favorite RSS feed on the go. You can easily add your favorite RSS feed by going to Tools>New Channel

Here, as you can see, you are presented with a list of options available. If you choose, “choose from list”, you will be presented with pre-defined list of RSS feeds.

If you need to add you favorite RSS feed, you can select “search online”.

Let’s see, if it is able to find Apothetech.

Yay, it found it!

If it wasn’t successful in finding it by using search method, you can use “enter url” method, which is the last option here. In this, Egress visits the website; looks at it’s code and tries to locate it’s RSS feed URL


The Egress offers great customization features. You can customize the way it looks and even the way it works. You can reach options by going to Tools>Options

In the appearance tab, you can change the way Egress looks. It comes with some very nice looking themes. I immediately tried “monochrome” and have been using the same till now. Other two themes are: Teal and Egress

You can tell Egress when and where to retrieve data from the Internet.

You can also change it’s storage location. You also get the option of whether you want to store images of the rss feeds or not. I really appreciate guys who Egress to include this option as you may not want to download images if you are on a limited data plan.

Help and Support

The Egress comes with extensive built-in help. This is great for the first time users of the application which would let them to get accostom to the application.