REVIEW: INTERNET EXPLORER Mobile 6 for Windows Mobile – VGA screenshots!

Yesterday, we posted about the preview of the Internet Explorer mobile 6 which is based on the desktop version of the Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately, we could only test it via Device emulator. We managed to test it on the real device. Here is the review of it.

Please note that all the screenshots are in VGA resolution (640 x 480)

The browser has two modes: desktop and mobile. This basically tells the other sites that you are using a mobile device or you can set the browser to Desktop mode, which will tell the other sites that you are using IE 6.

If you type in anything in the above box, it will live search it and display you the results. Odd that it uses the mobile version of it even in the Desktop mode.

Zoom feature

You would say that the zoom feature is also there in the IE mobile included in the Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. But wait, this is a desktop-class IE. Remember? It displays pages accurately. is a fairly complex website and it displayed perfectly!

Sadly, it takes a while to get to page zoomed out. Even on a powerful device like HTC TOUCH DIAMOND

When you have Zoomed out (menu>Zoom out), you can just tap the portion you want to zoom into.

And the youtube works inside the pages as well. It is slow, but it works. I’m sure this will improve in the future builds.

Other nice things I really liked

When you open Gmail, it takes you to the Desktop version of gmail!

But, we didn’t remain happy for a long time. See following screenshot

As soon as I clicked on sent items, it showed me this error
As soon as I clicked on ‘sent items’, it showed me this error

One of the nice touches of new IE is the ability to auto-complete the URL


  • Sometimes, it is not able to identify itself as Desktop browser. For example: going to on the device lead me to the mobile version.
  • No tab support: It may be implemented in the future versions
  • Slow! It is way too slow right now to be useful

But still, it is a BIG initiative by the Microsoft to develop a desktop class web browser.

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