Samsung ISOCELL GN1 is high-speed AF compatible 50 MP smartphone camera sensor

Samsung ISOCELL GN1 review

Samsung Electronics announced the ISOCELL GN1 image sensor for smartphones with 50 mega pixels on the 19th (local time). Mass production of Samsung ISOCELL GN1 will begin within the month.

Unlike the Sony latest image sensors, IMX500 and IMX501, there is no artificial processing in Samsung’s sensors. So, if a manufacture wants to implement AI, Sony’s sensor would be a better choice.

Samsung ISOCELL GN1 achieves a large area of ​​1.2 μm per pixel and is suitable for shooting in dark places. For the first time as a Samsung sensor, ISOCELL GN1 will be a model equipped with both phase detection autofocus (PDAF) that realizes high-speed autofocus and Tetracell technology that improves the shooting performance in dark places by treating 4 pixels as one.

In addition to this, Smart-ISO automatically selects the optimum ISO sensitivity, real-time HDR with multiple exposures, and electronic image stabilization based on gyro. Samsung ISOCELL GN1 also supports video recording up to 8K / 30fps.

Weibo, the product manager of vivo, a Chinese smartphone maker, mentioned the announcement of Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor, and it is expected to be installed in the Vivo X50 announced by the company on June 1nd 2020.