SBSH Papyrus 2 review: The only PIM application you will ever need for your Smartphone!

Are you a slave to your calender? Really serious about keeping yourself organized? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then, SBSH Papyrus 2 is there to rescue you!

It is no hidden truth that the built-in applications of the Windows Mobile Smartphones are very basic in nature. My calender is full of so many important things that I am a total slave to my smartphone. It is pity that the PIM applications have never been able to make to the priority list at Microsoft. They have been busy adding/removing other features rather than making the core elements more polished. SBSH realized the need to make the things more streamlined and more organized. They took the initiative in making our lives more easier than ever.

The only PIM application you will ever need

The SBSH Papyrus 2 lets you manage your calender and tasks items in more intutive and user-friendly manner. It has all the features that will complete your PIM experience. Everything is there, except the kitchen sink :!:

The SBSH Papyrus 2 has a lot of views that show the user PIM information in different ways.

  • Daily
  • List
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Tasks

Here is how the views look:

Daily View
Daily View
List View
List View
Week View
Week View
Month View
Month View
Tasks view
Tasks view

If you want to search for a particular term in the PIM database, you can use the search function of the SBSH Papyrus 2.

Making an Appointment is a breeze!

Making a new appointment never got easier than before! Papyrus makes everything so easy. Just go to Menu>New Appointment and you will be presented with a nicely windows which will help you to make a new appointment.

Pressing the d-pad will bring up 3 options asking you if you wish to insert:

  • myText
  • Contact information
  • Full Screen Editor

Here are few screenshots of those options:

Full Screen editor:

Coming back to the input screen, selecting the time for the appointments is great too

Some Random screens

Some more Random thoughts!

The best part about the SBSH Papyrus is the commitment of the developers. The developers at SBSH are always busy in making the application more convenient and useful to the people. They have a great habit of rolling out updates on a reguar basis which REALLY adds to the overall customer satisfaction.

Settings: Tweak it to your heart’s desire

One thing I love about the SBSH products, which includes the very popular PocketBreeze, PocketWeather and iLauncher is the amount of flexibility and options they provide to the user. This helps the user to get exactly what he expects from a SBSH product. SBSH Papyrus is no different in this regard. You can tweak it and make it behave EXACTLY the way you want. Everything from colors being used; font size; effects etc is user-configurable. On the other side, the papyrus is free-configured pretty nicely so that the new users do not face any difficulties in using it.


  • User friendly
  • Intuitive interface
  • Lots of features
  • Can be tweaked to heart’s content
  • Rock-solid support and friendly SBSH community
  • Worth the money
  • Multiple language support


  • None! (it does not happen often)

Price: $24.95

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