SeeqPod for Windows Mobile released and reviewed!

Download it for free only for today (Dec 21, 2008)

SeeqPod is a notorious application for Windows Mobile, which was so far available for the Desktop PC only. What this application does is that it finds the music from all over the Internet and streams it in a very sleek and user-friendly interface. Does it works? Yeah!


You have two ways to download it:

  • point your IE mobile web browser on your device to and you will be taken to the download page. Note that you must be using the default browser string in order for the seeqpod website to know that you are on a mobile browser.
  • get the installation link via email

When you start the application, it gives you a nice list of songs from all genres. I selected “2008 singles of the year” and it loaded them to the playlist. It also comes with a nifty search function. This is the most powerful function of this software. I searched for my all time favorite “Rev Theory” and I was impressed with the results. You can learn more about the artist/music group as it also enlists the related wikipedia article. The article opens in IE mobile and loads the respective wikipedia webpage.

Note that all the screenshots are done in VGA. You may click on them to view the full resolution screenshot.

It also comes with a very finger friendly music player. The player is skinnable and colors are also changeable.

Tapping on the song while in the playlist mode gives you an option to buy the song too. It takes you to the Amazon’s music store to buy the song.

Odd, it does not open Opera Mobile, which is actually my default web browser. The developers have hard-coded it to use the IE mobile.

Landscape mode worked just fine. Great news for the Touch Pro users

Note: The website does not give any information if it supports WVGA (800 x 480) devices.

SeeqPod mobile official page and DOWNLOAD page

Price: $9.95 (introductory offer) Regular price: $14.95