The SensorScroll uses the Diamond’s scroll wheel to perform scroll-up and scroll-down functions. By default, it performs different functions in different applications. For example: In IE mobile, it scrolls few lines or hop to the nearest link; in notes, it zoom in/out and so on. When using SensorScroll, it OVER-RULES their functions and performs scrolling-up and scrolling-down.

1. Install the application. It adds shortcut in Programs and in WindowsStartup folders
2. Right after installation you may run the application from Programs shortcut (name is Diamond SensorScroll)
3. To use application open a Window with horizontal scroll bar like Programs or File Explorer and try rotating the scroll sensor clockwise for scroll down and counter clockwise for scroll up.
4. Have fun!
5. To stop the application run it again and it will give you an option to stop it.

Get it from here