Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 RGB is a cheap boxes with RGB and tempered glass

Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 RGB review

The brand has added an RGB version to its box line thanks to its LED fans, where to show off it has included a tempered glass side panel. As they have done in TG4, we will have a controller for 4 RGB fans that can be controlled by the motherboard. This time this SGC1 RGB if it includes two bays for HDD, SSD or optical drives in the front, in exchange for losing a clear fan.

Unlike the TG4 the height for the heatsinks is restricted to 15.3 cm in height, while that of the GPUs rises to 40 cm, although as with the CPU heats the length of the PSU has been reduced to 24 cm.

On the other hand, in the lower part we can install two 2.5 “or two 3.5” units, while in the rear part of the chassis, specifically behind the plate, there is space for another two 2.5 “units.

Includes dust filters on the front, roof and bottom of the chassis, so the dust inlet should be more than covered.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGC1 RGB will be available at the end of the year at a price of 59.90 euros.