Sharp PC-NJ70A Netbook is different from other netbooks – Features LCD in its Trackpad!

Remember the Sharp Mebius netbook that we mentioned a couple of days back? Well, some new details have emerge about it, something that makes it very different from the other netbooks in the market. It features an LCD trackpad. About the Trackpad: Contrary to what you must be thinking about its utility, it features multi-touch too. Looks like engineers at Sharp took some thoughts from the Apple’s book. The resolution of the trackpad is really notable: 854 x 480. That is more than the one found on the early EEEs! (700 series). The brightness is automatically adjusted. The LCD on the trackpad can also be used as a second LCD and its resolution is not too bad for running programs. However, you will to squint your eyes to read the text.

Sharp PC-NJ70A

After built-in DVD drives and bigger displays, now companies have another gimmick to offer to the users:  a netbooks with LCD trackpad! How useful that would be? Only time will tell. The Sharp has bundled Windows Vista Home Basic with it. I hope they make the Windows XP drivers available soon as performance of Vista on a Atom machine won’t be that good at all. The price is to be around 80,000 Yen ($815). That would really hurt your wallet in such tough economic times. For that price, you can two EEE 1000H easily.

Here are its full specifications:
* Intel Atom N270 (1.60GHz)
* Mobile Intel 945GSE Express chip set
* 1GB RAM (max 2GB)
* 160GB HDD
* 10.1-inch
* 1024 x 600 pixel display
* USB 2.0×3
* Ethernet and WiFi b/g
* Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
* Dimensions: 260×190×23.3
* Weight: 1.46kg
* Battery life: 3h