Skype 2.5 beta for Windows Mobile released and reviewed

The Skype has released 2.5 beta for the windows mobile professional(touch-screen) and standard(non touch-screen) devices. ApoTheTech gave this new beta a spin on the HTC Diamond.

I have been using the official version from quite some time. It is rock solid and does the job well.

This is what the skype says about the 2.5 beta

Based on feedback from you guys, our Mobile team have overhauled Skype for Windows Mobile and released Beta 2.5. It features improved sound quality, better stability and a more familiar user interface.

Lets see what has actually changed. This newer version lets you connect via activesync too. Previous versions didn’t let you do this. I cannot say how useful is this, but it is nice to know that it is there.

The dialer has undergone a revamp

You can now see the thumbnail picture that the other party has assigned in this new release (UPDATE: this was there in the previous version too.). You also see that picture when calling him or when receiving a call from the other party.

The call quality does seems a little better now. I had no stability issues on my HTC Diamond earlier and even now the application feels solid and reliable.

It is also interesting to know that there is offical skype version for iPhone or blackberry. This does give windows mobile a certain edge over other devices in the market. I am very well aware of the 3rd party applications that do let you communicate to your skype buddies but that is all done via their own servers. With the windows mobile client, one feels much more confident while using it.

Download directly to PC and to your device : both links are for windows mobile professional only

Official Skype windows mobile page