Sony PS5 processor info – SONY PS5 will include a more advanced processor than the Ryzen 3000

Sony PS5 processor

Sony PS5 release is around the horizen and we have information about its processor. Some of the things that were confirmed was the fact of finally including an SSD at the height, which will be customized for that console and will increase its performance in loads almost exponentially, all as standard.

Another feature that has been filtered is the use of a GPU with RDNA architecture, which would not surprise us unless, as rumors claim, it has an approximate power of 9.2 TFLOPS. To place ourselves, this would leave it at an intermediate point between the RX 5700 and the RX 5700 XT, where it would dangerously approach the latter.

The frequency would be 2 GHz, so consumption should be around 190-200 watts approximately due to its 7 nm lithographic process.

As for CPU, it is already more than confirmed that it will include an AMD Ryzen 3000 8-core processor with 16 wires at the same 7 nm as the GPU and that until now it was believed that it would arrive under the Zen 2 architecture but what if this is not all true?

The rumors we have been listening to for some time today have pointed to something more concrete and not more siren songs, where it is more than likely that in the most important section of the AMD and SONY console they have taken a step forward.

Therefore, it is more than possible that PS5 does not end up using Zen 2 as the main architecture, but a faster 8-core processor under a new Zen 2+ architecture.

If the rumors are correct, AMD by the hand of SONY would have worked on two modifications of the Zen 2 desktop architecture, where those of Lisa Su could offer the Japanese a fully customized processor with more power in general.