Space Rock Cloud-on USB-C docking station for Honor View 20 or Honor v20

Space Rock Cloud is a USB-C dock that is made by a Chinese company which specializes in smartphone accessories. This USB-C dock is for the Honor V20 and View 20 and it lets you enable the desktop mode on these two android phones. All you have to do is insert the phones in dock which is connected via USB-C port that goes into monitor or television.

Space Rock Cloud-on USB-C docking station

And then, voila, you can work on a large screen and connect your keyboard and mouse for full computer experience.

The Space Rock docking station is made with aluminum frame and coated with black opaque ABS that does not catches fingerprints. Measuring 194x66x23.8mm and weighing 300 grams, the space rock can output 4k/2k at 30Hz and give you 3x USB 3.0 ports and single USB-C port. You can connect a host of peripherals into it such as gamepad, keyboard, mouse, printer and so on.

Space Rock doc has a small fan to make it run cool. It is already available in market for about 70 dollars and they are shipping it worldwide.

I was able to find it on reddesign, which is a malaysian website. Iā€™m unsure if they do international shipping though.