Spb Chosen to Create User Interface Panel for Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1

Spb Software, the world’s leading maker of Windows Mobile applications, develops a user interface panel for Xperia X1. As part of the strategic partnership between Sony Ericsson and Spb Software, Spb has put forth a top-notch, Spb Mobile Shell-based solution that compliments the X1 in both style and speed. Taking advantage of the smartphone’s unique panel technology, impressive hardware and dynamic wide VGA touchscreen, this custom version of Spb Mobile Shell is optimized for the new Xperia, and comes with all X1 devices as a free download.

“The Xperia panels are an innovative approach to personalization,” – comments Yaroslav Goncharov, the Product Manager of Spb Mobile Shell – “With 3D acceleration, the panels are visually appealing for consumers, and at the same time present new opportunities for the developer community.”

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