Spb Day 2008: the User Angle on Mobility

Spb Software, the leading Windows Mobile applications vendor will host its fifth annual Spb Day conference on August 9th in St. Petersburg, Russia. Spb Day is a user-friendly, local Windows Mobile community get-together, where users, developers, media, device manufacturers, and mobile operators gather to exchange mobility views and ideas in an informal setting. This year’s Spb Day participants will enjoy each other’s company, discuss the newest mobile devices and technologies, and be among the first to play with Spb’s latest mobile entertainment products.

Spb Day 2008 will combine a series of round tables with friendly mingling during the dinner and coffee breaks, as well as sessions of usability testing in between. The Spb Day round tables will focus on the topics of System Utilities, Mobile Internet, Mobile Software Usability, Mobile Payments, Mobile Television, Navigation and Travel, Windows Mobile vs. other platforms, and Windows Mobile Games.

“To a large extent, Spb products become bestsellers thanks to their relevance to real customer needs and use cases,” admits Olga Gachko, the Marketing Manager at Spb Software. “We do a lot to really hear and understand our customers, be it support, Spb Club (http://www.spbclub.com/), field usability studies, or events such as Spb Day. Our approach requires a great deal of mutual trust between the development teams and the mobile community, we cherish this intimacy and have managed to maintain it throughout Spb history,” Olga concludes.