Spb Traveler 2.0 – a Travel Assistant As Powerful, As It Is Good Looking

Spb Software, world’s leading Windows Mobile software developer releases Spb Traveler 2.0 – an expert mobile travel assistant application that is a pleasure to handle.

The new Spb Traveler 2.0 offers a revolutionary animated finger-friendly user interface, a subscription-free flight search engine (powered by OAG), an animated 3D Globe with real satellite image of the sky, and a Geo Game for fun and learning.

What’s New in Traveler 2.0
  • Subscription-free Flight Search
    Spb Traveler delivers real-time flight information directly to Windows Mobile handsets. The up-to-date online flight schedules are provided by OAG (Official Airline Guide), the world’s most reliable flight data source.
  • 3D Globe (Animation)
    Spb Traveler 2.0 displays an actual real-time sky image on top of its animated 3D Globe. Spb’s globe shows not only the sunny and cloudy parts of the planet, but also the night shadowed regions and selected flight routes, as well as locations of favorite cities with local time, date, and weather information.
  • Geo Game
    An exquisite animated self-learning game that turns the boredom of waiting at check-in and gates into fun.
  • Improved Trip Assistant
    This complete itinerary manager supports new types of trip items and flight information auto-completion, powered by OAG.
  • Beauty and clarity of animated UI
    Spb Traveler 2.0 has new animated interface, powered by the engine of award-winning Spb Mobile Shell. This fast and finger-friendly user interface supports excellent graphics, adaptive skins, animated transition effects, and one hand navigation.

Pricing and Availability
Spb Traveler is compatible with Windows Mobile Professional 5.0 or higher; all Windows Mobile screen resolutions are supported. A free, 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Traveler 2.0 may be purchased for 29.95 USD, or upgraded from 1.х Spb Traveler versions for just 14.95 USD, at www.spbsoftwarehouse.com. According to Spb Software upgrades policy, all Spb Traveler users, who have purchased the product within the last 90 days, are invited to exchange the previous version of software for the newly released one, for free.

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