SSD-based MacBook Air price dropped by $500

Price of NAND flash memory continuing its steady sequential decline. Apple this month cut the price of its Solid State Drive (SSD)-equipped MacBook Air by half a grand($500). The 13-inch 1.8GHz MacBook Air with a 64GB SSD is being sold for $2598, down from the $3098 fetching price that was listed as recently as last week. The half-grand markdown is a result of price cuts to two separate components.

First, Apple reduced the price of the Air’s 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor upgrade by $100 to just $200.

Secondly, the company slashed the cost of the Flash memory-based 64GB SSD drive upgrade to $599 from $999. That means customers can now configured a 1.6GHz MacBook Air with an SSD drive for as little as $2398.

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