StopWatch 2.0 released and reviewed [Windows Mobile]

There are a lot of times when we need a stop watch and we are not carrying one. Your Windows Mobile smartphone is there to rescue! With StopWatch 2.0, one can enjoy the experience of a quality stopwatch. The developer, Martin Kaldma (nitramk at xda-devs) has come with a great stopwatch application.

The author has made every effort possible to make the application look like other HTC Diamond specific applications.


It is a small application taking up just few hundred KBs. Since the installation file is in CAB file format, you must execute the CAB file on the device itself to install it.


The functioning of the application is pretty simple. Simply press the “Start” button to start the timer and “Stop” button to stop the timer. It vibrates too when you press Split button and Reset button.

You can also toggle to the advance mode, which basically tells shows the total time spent so far.

Timer Mode

You can switch to the timer mode by swiping you finger to the right. You can return to the Stopwatch mode by swiping to the left. You can set the timer by clicking on the “+” and “-“, which represent hundred, tens and ones digit places respectively.

When the specified time elapses, it vibrates and makes a sound to notify the user. You can also change the default sound.


I have noticed that to restore the state properly, you have to properly “exit” the application by going to it’s “menu”>”exit”. It is a little bug, but otherwise, everything works great.

Currently it supports only VGA and WVGA version, but the QVGA and WWVGA versions are in the works. And did I mention that it is a freeware? :)

Download StopWatch 2.0

Author’s website