Sunnysoft contacts v1.3 reviewed!

“Managing the contacts has never been easier! The Sunnysoft contacts lets you manage your contacts without taking the stylus out of the silo and all that with just one hand!”


  • sleek interface
  • no lag while using the application
  • skinning support
  • high level of customization
  • multi-lingual support

This application lets you manage the contacts in a easy-to-use, sleek interface. It lets you quickly find the desired number in your phonebook without taking the stylus out and with one hand only. The best part about this application is that unlike other contact managers, it doesn’t make its own contacts database. It uses the existing contacts database.

How does it works? Well, see the following video for that ;)

As seen in the above mentioned video, the keypad shortlists the number of contacts as you press the required keys. When you’ve found the desired contact, you can dial it straightaway; send an SMS/MMS or an email. Easy, isn’t it?


You’re going to love the history feature of it

Whenever you want to see the history of a particular contact, just make sure that the contact is highlighted and tap ‘history’. It will then search and show you the results. In the above screenshot, you can see the calls I received/made to my mom. It also shows the calls which I didn’t answer/wasn’t able to answer.

You can also view the messages that you sent/receive for the particular contact. It functions same for emai and MMS too :)

I’ve been skinned!

Sunnysoft contacts supports custom skins. It even comes bundled with some wonderful skins. I found the HTC touch and ETEN glofish skin very professional.

Here are the screenshots of HTC touch and ETEN glofish skins resp.

You can assign it to be launched via “call” button too

Category: contacts management utility
Company: Sunnysoft
Price: $14.95
Compatibility: Windows mobile professional devices running WM5, WM6

Direct link to the software: Click here

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