Sunnysoft Releases InterWrite 10 Keyboard [Windows Mobile]

Sunnysoft today announced the availability of their own SIP, Sunnysoft InterWrite 10 Keyboard.

Sunnysoft InterWrite Keyboard displays a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and enables you to use the touch screen to type text in any supported language. Eight keyboard modes are available to significantly improve the your experience of inputting on handheld devices. It offers a visible feedback of the key currently pressed on the main layouts so you can easily see what key is pressed while moving your finger. Advanced SmartChoice menu will do its best to fulfil all of your needs as well.

Click here to visit Sunnysoft Interwrite webpage

More features:

  • 8 keyboard layouts
  • Sunnysoft InterWrite Keyboard (IWK) works in eight modes to deliver you the best user experience.
  • You can use the entire screen area to type text with your fingers in Fullscreen, be sure with SMS with Phone keyboard or TapUp, be accurate with great Modern keyboard or stylus-friendly Classic keyboard and write down numbers with three special numpad layouts.
  • Too complicated for you particular needs? No problem. Just uncheck the box and use only your favorite layout (s) !
  • IWK provides accessibility features such as key-press visual feedback. The visual feedback is provided for key taps even while moving your finger on keys around the target zone.
  • Over 50 national keyboard layouts displaying national characters. Arabic solution available soon.