T-Mobile offering a Free Eee PC 904HD

T-Mobile offering a Free Eee PC 904HDGood news for those who wanted full PC experience along with fast Internet on-the-go. T-Mobile has come up with a new and good deal, which features an EEE PC 904HD all free of cost and a free USB modem. It comes with upto 3GB of monthly usage, 200 free text messages and free WiFi hotspot access. All this for £25 per month for 2 years contract.

Note that ASUS EEE PC 904HD is not same as 904HA. It has two major differences:

  • 904HD comes with a Intel Celeron processor, while 904HA comes with more powerful and more power-frugal Intel Atom processor
  • 904HA comes with 160GB Hard Disk, which is double the capacity of what the 904HD offers (80GB)

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