Thaddeus Computing to publish iPhone Edition of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

Press Release:

Apple has created a huge stir with its announcement of the new $199 iPhone 3G, available mid-July. estimates that 45 million iPhones will be sold by the end of 2009.

Thaddeus Computing will support iPhone users with a print magazine and a companion Web site. The premier issue of the iPhone Edition of Smartphone & Pocket PC will be available mid-August on newsstands worldwide.

According to Thaddeus Computing CEO, Hal Goldstein:

“Given the incredible interest in the new iPhone, extending our Smartphone & Pocket PC brand to cover the iPhone and iPod touch is natural for us. We’ve been doing enthusiast mobile computing publications since 1985.

“We look forward to helping users get the most out of their iPhone or iPod touch and have already identified over 100 hidden tips about using built-in software and iTunes. Each issue will cover new software, top accessories, and best Web applications. Our ‘iPhone at Work’ section will assist both professionals and large organizations.”

Thaddeus Computing is planning three more iPhone Edition issues in 2009. Both the iPhone and Windows Mobile Editions of Smartphone & Pocket PC are available in newsstands at airports, chain and independent bookstores and other magazine outlets in the U.S. and in 60 other countries worldwide.

Visitors can find editorial contact information, special advertising rates, and a table of contents at Through special arrangement with, a Web-based digital version of the premier issue will be viewable for free for anyone with a PC, Mac, or iPhone.

The iPhone Edition will not be sent to Windows Mobile subscribers. However, yearly iPhone Edition subscriptions will be available for $14.99. For the latest information about Thaddeus Computing’s iPhone efforts, including a listing of the best available iPhone Web sites, visit

Contact: Hal Goldstein,