Time to play some (freeware) Games! [Windows Mobile]

All work and no play makes Mr Jack a dull boy. True, the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro are both great business tools, but they have got great gaming capabilities too. aruppenthal over xda-devs have compiled many freeware games meant to be run on HTC TOUCH DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO (Fuze included) all into a single cab file! The fize size is of 15MB and can be installed on a storage card.

Click here to download all the games at once

Games included:
Navtetris by Baldo DONATE
Net Hack PPC by M Stephenson
All Mobile Mines by BinaryFish
Battleship by Steve Belczyk
Chess by Valentin Iliescu
Clickball by INFO
Connecting Jigsaw INFO
Crosswords by Eric House
Cubicle Chaos from Microsoft INFO
Dope Wars by Jenifer Glover INFO
ICBM by Geoff Macdonald
G-Invaders by ageye DONATE
Tangled Bugs by XflibINFO
TripYzee by Tim C.
Caver by Ageye DONATE
Diamond Beer v2 by cgeboers
Sensory Overload by Koush
Pocket Uno by OrangaProgramaro INFO
Pipes by Xflib INFO
Sudoku by Xflib INFO

If you like some game(s), you may consider donating directly to the developer of that game. The donation link are given adjacent to the name of the game.

[xda-devs related thread] [via wmpoweruser]

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