TomTom 6 working on HTC SHIFT! [UMPC]

In HTC Shift, you will find Vista and Windows Mobile under the same hood. Unfortunately, it is stripped down version of Windows Mobile. It also does not let you access storage card when you are in Snapvue (Windows Mobile side). Also, the size of maps are big and there is no way you could squeeze them in Snapvue unless you are using a very tiny and less detailed map.

Here is a video of TOM TOM 6 working inside Snapvue:

Now, there is a little hack to make the Snapvue see the storage card. Here is how to do it:

– Install Total Commander (make sure you have liberated the Shift).

-Then, in order to mount the SD card from TotalCommander in Snapvue:

  • First, go in Vista and right click on the sd card icon or usb flash/ hdd and select Properties>Share and select “share this drive over the network”
  • When done, the access path will be displayed
  • Then go on snapvue, start usbtool

– Once snapvue is linked, open TotalCommander. Go to plugin>lan and click on add a new server

-type the path of the device you want to mount (should be “nameofyourcomputer””letter of the drive you want to mount”

-thats it you can acess sd card from snapvue!

The TOM TOM should now be able to see the storage card

thansk to uiqjirka at xda-devs