Touchscreen not working after upgrading to Windows 10; Here is how to fix it

If you have just bought a touchscreen laptop or tablet and touchscreen is not being recognized after upgrading or installing to Windows 10 operating system, here is how to fix it.

Touchscreen not working after upgrading to Windows 10

1. Fire up device manager. To do this, press Windows key + R at the same time and type in devmgmt.msc
2. Once in the device manager,click on human interface.
3. Now you will see a driver called ‘HUID Touch’.Right click and uninstall
4. Close the application after a successful uninstallation and shut down your computer.
5. Reboot your device and the touchscreen should be working. Driver installation will start after rebooting the windows 10 tablet or laptop.

So why does this happen? Well sometimes the windows is unable to recognize the touchscreen during its installation that results in non working touchscreen. Fortunately it is an easy fix.