Trigem's Atom-based LLUON Mobbit: Finally a UMPC below $500 UMPC

Ever thought of a UMPC of under US$500? Well, meet the LLUON Mobbit PS400. According to CNET, it is too big for the pockets and it is less functional than a netbook. I don’t agree with it. It has never meant to be pocketable. It is a portable device that can run XP. That is it!

Here are the specifications of this device:

  • Processor Atom Z520.
  • 2 megapixel camera.
  • 1 GB memory.
  • Choice of 30GB HDD of 16GB SSD.
  • WiFI and Korean WiMax (WiBro).
  • Digital Television (T-DMB).

According to Cnet, the price will be “around” $411.