Underclock/Overclock Acer Aspire One using A1CTL and get improve battery life

A couple of weeks back, I was offered a deal about Aspire One that I just could not reject. I absolutely love it. Since then, I have been using all the time. My desktop is now biting the dust. However, one of the things for which I am not happy with the Aspire One is its battery life. It shipped with just 3-cell battery. That battery is able to give nearly 2.5 hours. If I use it heavily, it gets reduced to mere 2 hours.

The utility called a1ctl from a geek called Noda is a great way to underclock your Aspire One. By underclocking, you will be able to run your Aspire One’s processor at a slower clock rate. What will you get by that? You will be able to squeeze more juice out of your Aspire One.

If you are doing basic web surfing and office editing, you certainly won’t need all the horse power of the CPU.

– no installation needed
– small memory footprint (~5Mo)
– complete fan management, with stopped/slow/auto fan modes
– support newest bios, from v0.3109 to v0.3305
– CPU speed management (XP only)
– fast screen resolution changes, with 1024×768 scrolled and downscaled modes (XP only)
– can enable/disable webcam/ethernet/wifi to reduce power usage
– can be started with windows automatically
– option to prevent HDD clicks
– show temperature & battery in tray icon
– customizable icons & colors via .ini file
– integrated ACPIEC driver patching to prevent log writing

[get the fantastic a1ctl utility]

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