Upgrading ASUS EEE S101's RAM = Easy as Pie!

Just like the other EEE PCs, the RAM upgrade is easy as pie. Although, I should make it clear that there is no user-friendly way of upgrading the SSD.

Anyway, here are the steps on how to upgrade the RAM

1. Place the device upside down on the table.

2. Unscrew the two screws using Phillips screw driver. You will find the RAM to the left. Gently push the holders in opposite directions and pull the RAM out.

3.This is the 1GB RAM that comes with the S101. You can now put in the RAM of your choice. Take extra care of the holders.

4. After you are done inserting the RAM, power on the unit and immediately go to the BIOS. To do that press F2 repeatedly. The BIOS should be able to identify the 2GB RAM. If it does not, restart the unit and again to the BIOS.

Please note that ASUS EEE S101 supports upto 2GB of RAM.